British Shorthair  Scottish Fold & Shorthair and Selkirk Rex Cat Breeder

   Welcome from Sixribbons

Welcome and thanks for visiting the Sixribbons Cattery information page. My name is Karen Privett and with my husband, Ted, live on a 40 acre property in Churchable; central to both Toowoomba, Ipswich and Brisbane. 

I am a small breeder of the popular British Shorthair cat breed, breeding for quality, calm temperament and good size.

I am also now breeding the ever lovable, Scottish Folds and Scottish Shorthair

I am registered with the Queensland Independent Cat Council (QICC)

My cats have many pedigreed generations behind them, and I am blessed to have had a wonderful mentor helping me in selecting only the best breeding quality. My breeding  stock comes from a bloodline of proven champions.

The British Shorthair is a sturdy breed with its origins on the streets and farms of Britain.  Over the years these wonderful cats with a cheshire smile, laid-back personality and mellow easy going nature have been bred to include many colours. 

I strive to breed a variety of colours along with the ever popular beautiful blue. 

My cats' have produces colours including solids, colour points, bi-color, torties and most recently odd-eyed whites.

The British are content to live as an indoor only cat 

The quality and variety of colours the blood line of my kids and their bonnie babies can produce will become apparent when you view the following pages.

The Scottish Folds and Scottish Shorthairs, are a breed all of their own but a cousin to the British Shorthair.  In a litter of Scottish kittens you have a 50% or less  chance of the kittens ears folding, this is the only difference between the Scottish "Fold and Shorthair", they come from the same litter, it takes 3-4 weeks before we know if a kittens ears are going to fold.

The Scottish folds are known for their Owl like appearance and 'buddah sitting' and standing on their on the back legs.

                            the Scottish are known for their affectionate intelligent playful nature.

If you're not interested in raising a new kitten maybe you would like to help a cat from Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue who we are happy to support and endorse. 

Alternatively,  I sometime also have Queens retired from breeding and for sale to the right home. Please send any expressions of interest via email.

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